Welcome to the website of Peter Michael von der Nahmer

Peter Michael von der Nahmer is a composer of many genres: orchestra and chamber music, opera, musical, oratorio, ballet, performance, electronic, film music, etc.

Though all of these influences have been of great importance for his development as a composer, his focus has been classical contemporary music and, most of all the many forms of music theater. He is constantly searching for new forms and ways to express drama in music in both opera and Musical Theatre. He wrote his first parent-shocking opera, Between Delusion and Reality, in 10th grade and has worked on over a dozen of new works for the stage since then.

Another big interest has been combining science or scientific questions (especially medicine and psychology) and composition. A big theme of many of his works has been influenced by questions of the human condition and of mind and behavior. What makes us tick? Where do these choices lead us? And what does all of this mean in the context of works for the stage and concert?

This websites gives a detailed overview of his work in music for the stage, concert, film, and dance, as well as his research projects and studies of music and the mind.