Works in Progress

Short opera „The Same Color as the Ground“ with librettist Sam Chanse

Love and Exile„, a play with music with writer Hannah Rittner
AboutLove and Exile tells the story of Poldi, a Jewish immigrant to Chicago after WWII, who lives between two worlds: the living and the dead. This story chronicles her journey between these worlds and how eventually she must choose one.  The piece uses poetic language, song, and surrealist images to showcase the power of spiritual fractures and how they influence Poldi’s relationship to time itself.

New Song Cylce „The Big Bang“ with librettist Scott Guy


Esther  (2015) – Musical Drama  (110’00 min.)
Libretto by E. J. Roller

Talking City (2015) – Dance-Music Theater (18’00 min.)
Libretto by John Dietrich

A Hundred Thousand Places (2015) – Musical (90’00 min)
Libretto by Greg Moss

A Bump in the Road (2014) – One Act Musical (20’00 min.)
Libretto by E. J. Roller

The Cookies Call – A Tragic Tragedy (2014) – Chamber Opera  (15’00 min.)
Libretto by E. J. Roller

The Day the Moon Arrived (2014) – Musical Fairytale for Children (8’54 min)
Libretto by Kathleen Wrinn

Sprout (2014) – Music Dramatic Impression  ( 2’43 min.)
Text by Greg Moss

El Canguro (2008) – Opera (100’00 min.)
Libretto by Cynthia Ferrell

Klangwandler (2010) – Youth Opera (90’00 min.)
Libretto by Kai Ivo Baulitz

20 Minuten (2010) Chamber Opera (20’00 min)
Libretto by Andreas Bisowski

One out of Ten (2007)Children Musical (20‘00 min.)
Libretto by Virginia Lynn Emrick & PMvdN

Noah‘s Animals (2007) Musical in 2 Acts (90’00 min.)
Libretto by Virginia Lynn Emrick

Von Zeyt zu Zeit (2005) – Musical in 2 Acts (120’00 min.)
Libretto by Johannes Ponader

I really wasn’t expecting this today (2005) – Mini Musical (7’00 min.)
Libretto by Robin Sandusky & Michael Mitnick

The Ultimate Musical (2004) – Musical in 2 acts (120’00 min.)
Libretto: Peter Michael von der Nahmer &
Virginia Lynn Emrick

Umbra Lux (2001) Music Drama (17’00 min.)
Concept by Lars Römich

Lupus Albus (1997 – 1999) – Musical in 2 acts (120’00 min)
Libretto by Martin Decker & Peter Michael von der Nahmer

Schweigende Unendlichkeit (1998) – Music Drama (6’20 min.)
Libretto by Gary Winklmaier

Zwischen Wahn und Wirklichkeit (1995) – Chamber Opera (20’00 min.)
Libretto by Peter Michael von der Nahmer


The Big Bang (in progress)
Libretto by Scott Guy

SPAM: a song cycle (2008/2012) 23’00
Libretto by Scott Guy
For four voices (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone) and piano


Pericles – Prince of Tyre by William Shakespear (2007) (120’00 min.)

Das Karussell (2001) – Text: Andreas Vecchioni (20’00 min.)

Jedermann (2000) by Hugo von Hoffmannsthal (120’00 min.)


Der Mützendieb im Elfenland (2005) by Cornelia Funke  

Food (2004) by Eric Wright (8’00 min.)

Intoyou (2004) by Peter Michael von der Nahmer (3’12)