SPAM: A SONG CYCLE (2008/12)

SPAM: A Song Cycle (2008/12)
Libretto by Scott Guy

About: The text has been assembled from actual SPAM collected from a single computer on a single day in November 2007. Each original SPAM was turned into a song.

Musical Numbers:
1. Incoming Pop 3
2. You also Made a Gervasio
3. Magadik
4. Superstunk and Big Buddha Bud
5. Good Day Mapleleaf Pharmacy
6. Spamblocker
8. We you buy
9. SHTP (Reprise)
10. Bill Gate’s Crap
11. SHTP (2nd Reprise)
12. Spamblocker
13. The Curiosity of a Fork Cat
14. My Rue Love
15. The Demon of Electricity
16. The Skeleton Dance
17. Demons and Skeletons
18. Finale