Reflections„, new dance piece for FJK Dance, Premiere April 6, 2016 New York

Home„, new dance piece for FJK Dance, premiere February 26, 2016 New York

New Youth Musical commission with Authors Max Emanuel Pointner and Tobias Scheffzick.
Premiere: 2018 Germany

Love and Exile„, a play with music with writer Hannah Rittner
AboutLove and Exile tells the story of Poldi, a Jewish immigrant to Chicago after WWII, who lives between two worlds: the living and the dead. This story chronicles her journey between these worlds and how eventually she must choose one.  The piece uses poetic language, song, and surrealist images to showcase the power of spiritual fractures and how they influence Poldi’s relationship to time itself.

New Song Cylce „The Big Bang“ with librettist Scott Guy