A Bump in the Road (2014) – (One Act Musical)

Libretto by E. J. Roller

A Bump in the Road is the story of Klaus, a depressed young man from Munich repeatedly rejected by potential employers and then by his own family, and Elsa, a young Berlin woman who flees to America after learning that her boyfriend was about to “break their rules” and propose to her. The two manage to wander to the same little town in Missouri, where they are taken in with great Midwestern hospitality by Edna Davis, a widowed pastor’s wife. Klaus immediately falls for Elsa, but Elsa doesn’t reciprocate–leaving Mrs. Davis with no choice but to settle the issue Missouri-style.

A not-so-long-ago August.

The show quickly shifts from two settings in Germany (a Berlin apartment and a Munich apartment) to a small church rectory along a highway in Midway, Missouri (or „Missourah“, as the folks from those part would say).

ELSA (Mezzo) – 28, an adventurous Berlin woman who wants to experience as much of the world as she can, and, therefore, refuses to commit to any one thing (or person.)
KLAUS (Baritone) – 31, a handsome man from Munich whose average ability as an  engineer has been a disappointment to his very successful family, particularly his mother.
MRS. DAVIS (Soprano) – she stopped counting after 75. She is a spunky but bored widow who lives along the highway in Midway, Missouri.

Musical numbers:
1. „Opening“
2. „Good Morning Missourah“
3. „Little Road“
4. „Let me Whip a treat“
5. „Who’d a thought it?“
6. „Must be on my way!“
7. „Shotgun Wedding“
8. „Finale“