RED TIDE (2016)

RED TIDE (2016)

Commissioned by Hala Shah

Choreography by Hala Shah


History of Development:

  • 1st presentation on June 10th/11th as part of VOICES TRANSPOSED at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center
In June of 2016, Voices Transposed will be hosting a benefit performance in which artists of all mediums are invited to apply: dancers, musicians, poets, spoken word, writers, filmmakers, visual artists, and more, to present their work as it pertains to the Refugee Crisis. We want to use these artistic mediums as dialogues that will represent the voices of refugees, but also to invite a discussion about how this is affecting our society in the here and now. It takes one voice to make a difference, and one community to create change. Please click on the Refugee Crisis page to learn more about this humanitarian issue and hear more stories.