Sprout (2014)
Words by: Greg Moss
About: A prisoner finds a sapling in the yard and observes its growth from his cell.
Performed by: Greg Moss (narration) and Kate Chadwick (vocals)

 The Big Machine (2014)
Sung by: Mehmet Salih Yildrim


Manchmal bin ich grün, manchmal gar nicht… (2014)
Concept by: Peter Michael von der Nahmer
About: Sometimes I am green, sometimes I don’t exist…
Performed by: Peter Michael von der Nahmer (vocals & piano)


Charlie (2014)
Words by: Greg Moss
AboutCharlie relives his fondest memories as he goes through his morning routine.
Performed by: Greg Moss (voice) & Peter Michael von der Nahmer (piano)


Night after Night (2014)
Words byKate Chadwick
About: „Night after Night“ is based on a personal account of mental illness. „Sing Away the Stigma“ is an organization that interviews people about their struggles with mental health and then gives those interviews to a composer/lyricist team to be made into a little piece of theatre. The idea is that a song based on real experience might open up discussion and erase any fear or shame we might all have talking about mental illness.
Sung by: Kate Rockwell (Benefit concert: „Sing Away The Stigma“ at „54 Below“, May 21, 2014)


This Street Breathes (2009)
Words by: Cynthia Ferrell
Narrated by: Cynthia Ferrell


Things I never told my father (2014)
Text by: Peter Michael von der Nahmer
About: Things I never dared to tell me father…Maybe some day he will listen to them…
Narrated by: Peter Michael von der Nahmer


In Cold Storm Light (2014)
Lyrics by: Leslie Marmon Silko
Performed by: Kathleen Wrinn (voice) & Peter Michael von der Nahmer (piano)


Time (2006)
Lyrics by: Edna St. Vincent Millay
Performed by: Maximiliane Reichert (voice) & Peter Michael von der Nahmer (piano)